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Hints And Tips for Acting Headshots.

First of all relax, enjoy the session, because if you are relaxed and having fun it will show through in your photographs.

​Before attending the shoot try and have an idea about what roles you are looking to be cast in, as this will make your choice of clothing easier to make, communicate this with your photographer.


​What are your ambitions? What is your emotional quality as an actor? as this is something that could worked in during your session. Let your personality shine through.

Communicate with your photographer, tell them what you are looking for in the shoot, explain the roles you are hoping for, discuss the clothing you are going to wear as this will help the photographer in their choice when selecting back drops etc.

There must be a two way conversation on what you both expect from the shoot.

Put yourself in the seat of the acting director, what would you like to see appear in front of you?

Go for Personality over Glamour – make sure that the photograph looks like you, it must be a true representation of yourself.

Remember, It’s all about the eyes, the eyes are the way into the soul, try and have a twinkle or sparkle in them, be alive; sometimes a little squint adds an element that is a bit different from the competition.


Choose your clothing carefully, don’t wear items that are too busy / dramatic, as this will be a distraction from you.

Try and select neutral colours that complement your skin tone; hair colour, face shape, eye colour etc. Darker clothes will be none distracting, they will let your eyes and face shine; Lighter clothing can create an uplifting effect, they energise, portray youthfulness and have a contemporary look.  

Remember that when the image is taken you will see head, shoulders and possibly some of the torso, so bear this in mind with your clothes selection. ‘V’ neck clothing emphasise your features, where round neck clothing soften your face and cheeks.

Remember; you should be selling your face not your clothes.

Do wear good clothing, old t shirts that are faded and scruffy will not create the right impression, you may only have a few seconds to grab the directors attention so look your best.

Do wash, iron and fold your clothing and think about how you will transport them to your shoot so they don’t get creased.

If you are finding it difficult to select what to wear, remember to look up other actors to see what they are wearing; Pinterest is a good place to start.

Don’t try and create a number of different characters, be yourself and this will show, it is the role of the casting director to know what role will suit you best.

Don’t bring a lot of clothes, select what you think will go well on its own and what will work well combined.

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